About Us | Premium Electric Car Charging Points
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We are passionate about driving electric. There’s so much more to the experience than the satisfaction of an ethical choice. It’s the silent power. The low running costs. The pioneering technology. More than a new way to drive, it feels like a new way to live.

For many, the only disappointment of going electric is found when choosing a charge point. For those who love their home as much as their car, the choice is limited. So we created an option unlike anything on the market.



Going electric is more than an ethical choice. It’s a choice to embrace the future.
A decision to bring your home, and your life up to date with pioneering and intelligent technology.
We don’t believe anyone who’s made that choice should be forced to compromise.

With every product we make, we match smart technology with genuine craftsmanship. Each Andersen charge point is made to order in our UK factory using materials of the highest quality.
The end result is a product built to deliver perfect performance year after year.
A smart charger that intelligently helps you manage your energy between your home and EV without interruption.
Don’t just buy a charger that charges your EV, invest in one that connects to your future smart home.