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Installation of Andersen units must be carried out by a qualified professional electrician

We recommend you use our experienced, qualified team to ensure you receive an installation by experts and get the best out of your charge point.


Here is a quick guide on what to expect from the Andersen installation service.



When you press the buy button for any of our charge points, you have two installation options:

  • Standard Installation
  • Premium Installation

1. Standard Installation.

85% of our installations fall into the standard category.  It is highly likely that your installation will be “standard” if:

  • Your home is a domestic property in an urban or suburban setting,
  • Your car will be charged near your electricity meter box (<15 m apart)
  • Your A2 and cable run will be less than 1.8m above the ground (See our images)
  • You have bought a 7kW A2 charge point

The scope of a standard install is detailed here.

When you order with a standard installation, we will email you a questionnaire to confirm the install content.  If all is okay, your standard installation and order price are confirmed.

If any of the following applies to you;

  • You require a 22kW (three-phase) charge point
  • You will need a special charge point location,
  • You do not have the time to complete our online questionnaire
  • We cannot confirm a standard install remotely;

We would recommend our Premium install service to have us create your installation, from start to finish, for you.

2. Premium Installation Service

When you choose a Premium installation, we will contact you to arrange for a member of our survey team to visit your home.

Our visit will confirm your needs, whether a standard installation is possible, and if not, we will create a design and send you a fixed quote for any additional materials and labour to complete your installation within 5 days of the survey.

Our Premium Install service price includes the A2 unit, cost of the home survey and our standard 7kW or 22kW charge point installation. Any additional materials and labour required for your installation will be included in our quote after your survey.



Click on your installation choice.

You can select “no-install” for an A2 charge point, but to enjoy an install delivered by experts and to benefit from our market-leading 3-year onsite warranty, we recommend you use our installation service.



After everything’s confirmed, we will ship your charger and book an install date.  We install weekdays Monday- Fridays.  Our experienced installers come prepared.  When they’re done, they will show you how to use your charger & app.



We are here to help you get the fastest EV charger you can and get it installed with minimum fuss.

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For additional FAQ’s please visit our support site here

The vast majority of UK properties run off a single-phase power supply which happily supports 7kW chargers. To benefit from 7kW charging the first thing to check is the size of your property’s main fuse.

It is preferable to have a 100A incoming supply fuse into the property to allow the maximum output of a 7kW charger, however, the electrical demand of the property needs to be calculated and confirmed to make sure this is suitable.

If you have less than a 100A main fuse then we are still able to install an Andersen charger, however, depending on what the demand on the property is, you may either need to have the fuse upgraded by the local DNO or we can install our Adaptive Fuse. (see FAQ below on What is an Adaptive Fuse? for more information)

You can find your main fuse linked to your electricity supply meter. There should be a label on the side of the fuse showing the amp rating. If you are unable to find it, please call your electricity provider to clarify your fuse rating.

How to determine your fuse amperage

Example of a 100A Main Fuse

A 22kW charger has the capability to charge your EV up to 22kW per hour. It is 3 times faster than a 7kW charger. 22kW charging can only be supported by households that have a three-phase electrical set up. Most houses in the UK are single-phase and can only support a maximum of 7kW charging.

Single-Phase Electrical Supply 22kW charging is not supported. You can still purchase a 7kW charger
Three-Phase Electrical Supply 22kW charging is supported. You can purchase either a 7kW or a 22kW charger


How to determine if you have three-phase electricity supply


Single-Phase Power Three-Phase Power

Example of a Single-Phase Electrical Supply

Example of a Three-Phase Electrical Supply

Example of a Single-Phase Fuse Box

Example of a Three-Phase Fuse Box

The vast majority of installations are standard.  Please refer to our table here for full guidance.

If you aren’t sure, it is best to place your order by selecting our 7kW charge point with standard installation.  We can take it from there.

After you place an online order with a standard installation, we will send you an email questionnaire.

If the questionnaire requires specialist input from our electrical design team or you do not have the time to complete it, we would recommend our Premium install service. We will arrange for one of our survey team to visit your home to confirm if a standard installation is suitable. If required, we will then provide a bespoke quote for any additional materials and labour required over and above our standard installation specification

The pricing of the Premium Install Service includes the cost of the home survey and standard installation elements.  Any additions unique to you will be itemised in our quote.

You can select “no-install” for an A2 charge point, but to enjoy an installation by experts, get the best of your A2 and access a 3-year onsite warranty we recommend you use the Andersen service.

* Subject to Terms of Sales.

A dedicated circuit needs to run from the fuse board to the proposed location of where you wish to put your charge point.

Yes, when you choose our Premium installation service, we will arrange for one of the team to visit your home to confirm your needs, survey the property, confirm your design and provide a quote for any additional materials and labour over and above our standard installation specification.

* Subject to Terms of Sales.

Note: this is for cable sizing advise only

If you are having your house renovated and would like your own electrician to lay the supply cable before we come to install the Andersen, ask them to check the table for the cable spec you will need the below depending on the power charger you are getting.

Power Supply Cable
7kW 1 x 6mm 3 core armoured cable up to 30m,
1 x 10mm 3 core armoured cable over 30m


Power Supply Cable
22kW 1 x 6mm 5 core armoured cable up to 30m,
1 x 10mm 5 core armoured cable over 30m

In some homes with limited incoming supply, we recommend fitting an adaptive fuse to safely balance your EV charging power against your home consumption.

It automatically ensures that your EV gets power without overloading the fuse and causing a potential outage. We will highlight this to you after you’ve completed your survey so you don’t need to do anything now.

Surge protection devices are an optional extra offered by Andersen EV that helps protect your property, vehicle, charge point and yourself in case of a lightning strike or other freak accident.

By law, Andersen EV must offer you the choice of having a Surge Protection Device installed. We charge £150 for the device and labour, and this can be paid upon checkout.

For any questions about SPD, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

To comply with wiring regulations BS7671 Amendment 2 (and all previous regulation). Andersen EV as electrical contractors must not undertake any wiring alterations or additions to a properties electrical system, without checking that all metallic service pipes entering the property are connected (bonded) to earth. This is through an individual copper earth wire connected back to the incoming electrical systems main earthing terminal.

For example, should we discover, that a metal gas, water or oil pipe is NOT bonded to earth, we are required to assess and test what is required to earth this service, before installing or amending any existing wiring. In many cases, we will install this cable, and bond the required service at minimal or no additional cost within our standard installation, depending on distance to your consumer unit (Fuse board)

However, should additional work be required, we will notify you before proceeding with the EV charger installation, and advise you of any additional material and labour costs and to carry out this work.

*you should note if you do not agree with any additional costs the installation will be aborted and the installation cost refund minus appropriate fees, as per our terms and conditions.*

Alternatively, should you agree to proceed, but would like to use a third party contractor to carry out this bonding work, then we can install the charger and fixed wiring up to a point without making the circuit live. After the ‘bonding’ work has been carried out we would need to return to site to confirm this work is satisfactory, test and liven up the charger circuit to complete the installation but this will incur a call out fee.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, we cannot complete these quoted bonding works on site, we will not charge additional costs. In this situation we will refund any material and labour fees that were not required or used.